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To make your life easier, we connect you to a range of providers to meet all your needs. Whether you need specialist medical care or any other type of care, we are there to organise these services, ensuring your comfort, independence and peace of mind.

How does it work ?


    Specialising in movement and rehabilitation, physiotherapists work to improve mobility, relieve pain and promote physical recovery and mobility.


    A hairdresser who comes to your home to offer personalised hairdressing, haircuts and hair care services to maintain a well-groomed appearance.


    Dental services tailored to the needs of seniors, ranging from routine check-ups to full dental care, provided in the comfort of your own home.


    Occupational therapists help seniors maintain or regain their independence by adapting their environment and working on their functional abilities.


    Specialist care for the feet, including the treatment of skin and nail problems and the correction of walking disorders.


    A nutrition professional who works with seniors to create dietary plans tailored to their specific needs and health.


    A service that delivers balanced meals directly to the homes of senior citizens, making it easier for them to enjoy a healthy diet.


    Speech therapists work on communication, swallowing and other speech and voice disorders.


    Provides emotional support, assesses psychological needs and offers advice to promote the mental well-being of eldery people.


    As a vision specialist, the optometrist carries out eye examinations and suggests visual corrections, including the supply of glasses if necessary.


    Specialising in hearing assessment, the audioprosthetist offers personalised hearing solutions, including hearing aids.


    A professional who provides adapted orthopaedic devices, such as special shoes or orthoses, to treat musculoskeletal problems.


    A professional who provides beard trimming, haircuts and shaving for men, often in the home.


    Massages tailored to the specific needs of seniors, designed to relieve muscle tension and promote relaxation.


    Provides specialist care and compassionate support for seniors with serious illnesses at the end of life.

If the specific provider you're looking for isn't listed above, don't worry...

We are here to meet your unique needs and are committed to making any additional services you may require available to you as soon as you request them.

Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements and we will do our best to provide you with the personalised support you need.

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  • Our home help

    We offer you comprehensive assistance, covering physical care such as grooming, hairdressing and medical care, as well as nutritional support through meal preparation. Home help also assists you with daily activities, from mobility assistance to housework, while promoting socialisation and enjoyable moments.

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    Wherever you are in Belgium, we come to you.

    Contact us directly on 0800/82.302 or visit your nearest branch.

  • How does it work?

    Home help at Les P'tites Fées Bleues is based on a service model designed for simplicity and efficiency.

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