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    • HK Health Center x LPFB

      a medical and sports centre designed to help you get back into shape

    • Mutualia x LPFB

      Mutualia, your neutral mutual insurer

    • HK Health Center

      To complete our home care service, Les P'tites Fées Bleues works with HK Health Center, a medical, paramedical and sports centre that helps you stay in shape or get back into shape.

      You can find the following services at their centre:

      • 🧑🏽‍🦽 Physiotherapy (on site and at home*)
      • 🏋🏻 Sports and/or nutrition coach
      • 🏃🏻 Sports medicine
      • 🦵🏻 Orthopaedics
      • 🦶🏻 Chiropodist
      • 💆🏻 Shiatsu

      Discover the HK Health Center website

      * à domicile à Braine-l'Alleud (Ophain en Lillois), Braine-Le-Château (Wauthier-Braine), Ittre, Lasne, La Hulpe,Nivelles, Rixensart et Waterloo.

    • Mutualia, mutualité neutre

      Mutualia, is an independent, autonomous mutual insurance company, with a policy of redistribution and a strong principle of transparency, a strategy based on solidarity, where people come first and where the emphasis is on proximity and service to members.

      Mutualia is also, and above all, a mutual insurance company that is close to you, with formulas adapted to all profiles and an operation based on solidarity between the generations.

      With Mutualia, you pay just €11.40/month to benefit from :

      Discover the Mutualia website, a neutral mutual insurance company.