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At Les P'tites Fées Bleues - Soins à domicile, we understand the importance of a familiar and comfortable environment for your well-being and recovery. That's why we offer a full range of home care services, designed to meet your individual needs and allow you to benefit from professional, caring assistance in the comfort of your own home.

Our home care services are tailored to provide you with a personalised experience, where every detail is taken into account. Whether you need temporary help after hospitalisation or ongoing support for a specific medical condition, our dedicated team of healthcare professionals are here to support you every step of the way.

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  • Hygiene and care

    We understand that hygiene care can be a sensitive and delicate aspect of daily life, particularly for the elderly, people with disabilities or patients with special needs.

    Our home nursing team specialises in providing personalised hygiene care such as assistance with toileting, bathing or showering, changing clothes and underwear, and oral hygiene.

  • Injections

    We offer various types of injections, including insulin injections for diabetic patients, subcutaneous injections such as post-op anti-coagulants, intramuscular injections such as anti-inflammatories, and intravenous infusions.

    You can count on our expertise to provide you with quality care in the comfort of your own home.


    Wound care includes cleaning, dressing and regular monitoring of wound progress to prevent infection and promote healing.

    This care is carried out by qualified healthcare professionals to ensure patient safety and promote optimal healing.


    Monday to Friday from 8AM to 4.30PM
    02 653 00 00


    Mobile rounds

    Every day from 7AM to 8PM


    Available to patients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
    0474 77 99 96

    (palliative on-call service)

  • Our partners

    We are also at your disposal if you would like advice or specific services (physiotherapist, chiropodist, home help, medical equipment, etc.) from professionals with whom we work.

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  • Covered by all mutual insurance companies

    We operate a third-party payment system and are covered by all mutual insurance companies. What's more, our team of home care nurses helps patients to keep the administrative burden to a minimum.

  • Zones desservies

    Our mobile tours take in Walloon Brabant* and the south of Brussels** :

    * Walloon Brabant: Rixensart, La Hulpe, Waterloo, Lasne, Ohain, Genval, Maransart, Plancenoit, Braine-l'Alleud, Ophain, Court-Saint-Étienne.
    ** Brussels:
    Uccle, Forest, Saint-Gilles, Ixelles, Etterbeek, Woluwe-Saint-Pierre, Woluwe-Saint-Lambert, Auderghem.

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