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Contact us on 02 653 00 00 for Walloon Brabant and 0474 77 99 96 for Brussels:

Our team is active and travels all over Walloon Brabant* and in the south of Brussels** :

*Rixensart, La Hulpe, Waterloo, Lasne, Ohain, Genval, Maransart, Plancenoit, Braine-l'Alleud, Ophain, Court-Saint-Étienne.
**Uccle, Forest, Saint-Gilles, Ixelles, Etterbeek, Woluwe-Saint-Pierre, Woluwe-Saint-Lambert, Auderghem.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require a service outside one of these areas.

We are also at your disposal if you would like advice or services (physiotherapist, pedicurist, home help, equipment, etc.) from professionals with whom we collaborate.

We use the direct payment system and have agreements with all the mutual insurance companies. Our entire team of home nursing staff helps patients to keep administrative procedures to a minimum.

List of nursing care services:

  • Hygiene care

    If you need support following surgery or medical problems, we can come and help you with hygiene care at home.

    We have agreements with all the mutual insurance companies, and we assess your state of dependency according to the Katz scale, which defines the number of journeys covered by the mutual insurance company. We also provide home treatment until the final days as part of palliative care at home.

  • Injections

    Because all injections must be performed by professional nurses, our home nursing team takes care of them for you in complete safety.

    Les P'tites Fées Bleues — Home Treatment can perform four types of injections:

    • insulin injections for diabetic patients,
    • direct intramuscular and intravenous injections,
    • subcutaneous injections (e.g. anti-coagulant in post-operation),
    • intravenous and subcutaneous perfusions.

    For your injections at home, our nurses travel throughout Walloon Brabant* and in the south of Brussels**.

    *Rixensart, La Hulpe, Waterloo, Lasne, Ohain, Genval, Maransart, Plancenoit, Braine-l'Alleud, Ophain, Court-Saint-Étienne.
    **Uccle, Forest, Saint-Gilles, Ixelles, Etterbeek, Woluwe-Saint-Pierre, Woluwe-Saint-Lambert, Auderghem.

  • Blood test

    In collaboration with several recognised laboratories, the Les P'tites Fées Bleues — Home Treatment nursing team will come to your home for your blood test (if your doctor has left you the prescription).

    Meeting your needs is our priority. We give a one-hour time slot during which we can come to you. If the schedule is not suitable, we can give you the contact details of colleagues or laboratories near you that can receive you.

  • Ostomy

    An ostomy is the result of surgery to treat a disease and relieve its symptoms. The nurses will help you after this operation to achieve autonomy in your ostomy care.

    In relation with the stomatherapists as well as the surgical truss makers, the nursing team of Les P'tites Fées Bleues — Home Treatment will be able to guide you in the best way to live with an ostomy.

  • Dressing

    Les P'tites Fées Bleues — Home Treatment also takes care of the regular change of your dressings according to the prescription of your doctor, surgeon or dermatologist.

    We manage all the treatments:

    • hydrocolloid dressing,
    • hydrocellular dressing,
    • alginate dressing,
    • hydrogel dressing,
    • greasy dressing,
    • hydrofibre dressing,
    • hyaluronic acid dressing.

    We can make dressings for simple or chronic wounds, with or without medication, and change them as often as necessary. All our dressings are of course made aseptically.

List of technical treatments:

  • Perfusions

    Being in continuous training, the nurses at Les P'tites Fées Bleues — Home Treatment are competent to manage your perfusions at home.

    Whether it is for follow-up antibiotic therapy at home in collaboration with the hospital, perfusions of various products prescribed by your doctor or the management of parenteral nutrition at home,

    Les P'tites Fées Bleues — Home Treatment will ensure your care with great attention.

    In order to benefit from this service, all you need is a prescription from your doctor showing the product (which you will have previously picked up at the pharmacy), the dosage, the frequency and any useful information for the smooth running of the treatment.

    We ask you to provide a support (perfusion stand) so that you can remain mobile during the administration of the product.

  • Piccline

    A Piccline is a catheter placed in the arm requiring more specific care. The PICC allows intravenous injections and perfusions, as well as parenteral nutrition and blood sampling. It is applied in a hospital environment in conditions of surgical asepsis under ultrasound control and cardiac monitoring. It can currently remain in place for up to 3 months.

    Our home nursing team checks the PICC insertion point when administering the products and redoes the dressing on average once a week (depending on the condition of the dressing) according to the protocol of the hospital that placed the PICC. At the end of the treatment, on doctor's prescription, we can also remove your PICC at home.

  • Port-a-cath

    When access to a vein is often required, the doctor or oncologist sometimes plans the (surgical) installation of a Port-a-Cath. This involves several different types of care that can be provided by the P’tites fées bleues Home Treatment Nursing Team.

    For example:

    • post-operative dressings applied at home,
    • rinsing and removal of the needle at the end of chemotherapy,
    • the connection and disconnection of a parenteral nutrition supply through the Port-a-Cath.
  • Chemotherapy

    Chemotherapy has become a common treatment, which can occur during a difficult period of life. Les P'tites Fées Bleues — Home Treatment will support you during this period to save you as much travel as possible, in collaboration with the hospital service by which you are treated, as well as with your GP.

  • V.A.C. ® Thérapie

    V.A.C.® Therapy is a non-invasive active healing method that uses local and controlled negative pressure through a sterile, porous, medical polyurethane block, containing no active ingredients, to promote the healing of acute and chronic wounds.

    Mechanism of action:

    • significant decrease in oedema and exudates,
    • reduction of bacterial colonisation,
    • keeps a warm and humid environment,
    • protection of the wound against nosocomial infections,
    • local therapy without risk of toxicity.

    During the proliferation phase, we obtain:

    • better peripheral circulation and local oxygenation,
    • the formation of the budding tissue,
    • the increase in growth factors,
    • tissue expansion.

    V.A.C.® Therapy is indicated in:

    • the acute wound: post-traumatic, infected (cellulitis),
    • the subacute wound: post-op infection, dehiscent wound,
    • the surgical wound: amputation stump, open abdomen,
    • chronic wound: venous and mixed ulcer, stage III and IV pressure ulcer, diabetic foot (MPP),
    • flap disunion,
    • the securing of mesh grafts and dermal substitutes,
    • partial thickness burn, intestinal fistula.

    V.A.C.® Therapy is contraindicated:

    • when the tissue is devitalized and/or when there is a necrotic plaque,
    • do not place directly on exposed blood vessels,
    • in the case of untreated osteomyelitis,
    • on unexplored non-enteric fistulas,
    • if there is tumour tissue in the wound.

    V.A.C.® Therapy is a unique wound treatment system specifically designed for many types of wounds through the application of Negative Pressure Therapy (NPWT). Because it is a highly specialised, state-of-the-art system, caregivers may not be familiar with all aspects of V.A.C ® Therapy, including its functionality, clinical effectiveness, reimbursement and other issues.

    Although V.A.C.® Therapy may be more expensive initially, the clinical benefits it provides can help facilities reduce overall care costs. For more information, please visit the KCI-Medical website.

List of support care services:

  • Palliative care

    Palliative care is specific care for people whose illness is no longer a curative treatment.

    It is not a question of "time". Our team of home treatment nurses Les P'tites Fées Bleues — Home Treatment is made up of several specialized palliative care workers. Les P'tites Fées Bleues — Home Treatment ensures the patient and their family the best quality of life and the greatest possible autonomy.

    We actively collaborate with the attending physician(s), hospital services and the specialised palliative care support team in order to provide the best possible support to the person at the end of life, not only by offering effective care and pain management, but also by supporting the patient and his or her family, particularly at the time of bereavement.

    Our treatments are based on respect for life and the consideration of death as a natural step. What is palliative treatment at home? Palliative care is aimed at caring for patients at home with a serious and life-threatening illness. We work in close collaboration with the attending physician and all other parties involved with the patient.

    Surrounded by family and friends, with quality care, the patient can envisage an end of life in the best possible conditions, at home. Palliative care is carried out in a serene atmosphere with a dedicated and experienced medical and paramedical team. We also carry out palliative care in the hospital ward.

    Palliative care concerns patients who suffer from one or more irreversible conditions with an unfavourable evolution, with a generalised severe deterioration of their physical/mental situation, in which therapeutic interventions and rehabilitation therapy no longer influence this unfavourable evolution. The great physical, mental, social and spiritual needs of these patients require a sustained commitment and therefore the use of specially qualified and technically skilled staff.

    Les P'tites Fées Bleues — Home Treatment come to your home and are accessible 24 hours a day in this setting. We are available and adapt our visits and their number for the greatest comfort of the patient, whatever the pathology.

    Thanks to palliative treatment at home, the patient can envisage a serene end of life. With, among others, financial support from INAMI.

    An illness that can take a person's life is always difficult. Our goal, at Les P'tites Fées Bleues — Home Treatment, is to make these difficult times as humane as possible.

  • Support for administrative procedures

    A hospital discharge to be prepared in collaboration with the social service or coordination centre? Help in finding the right services so that your parents can stay at home? What documents to be completed or sent in the context of palliative treatment at home?

    We can answer your questions.

    Contact us for information on 02 653 00 00 for Walloon Brabant and 0474 77 99 96 for Brussels or by e-mail at: for Walloon Brabant or for Brussels.

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